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As the US Rolleiflex importer and dealer since 2013, I get a lot of questions about the older TLR’s and I think this is a pretty nicely put together buyer’s guide.  Seems everyone has their favorite – I’ve even seen photographer’s go to huge expense to have a digital back added to their Rolleicords (which aren’t reviewed in the linked article) but just goes to show even the lower cost TLR’s were capable of producing amazing images.  Most people don’t know the following 1) 3.5 E and F cameras have a 2.8 viewing lens 2) Rolleiflex made SLR 6×6 cameras since 1966 and 3) The company is still producing cameras – the Hy6 Mod2 is a fully automated auto focus SLR medium format camera.  But wow do those old TLR’s look beautiful!   It’s a wonderful thing to never have to charge a battery.  You could go on a 2 month trek with one and never need a thing except film.

If you aren’t real familiar with all the different Rollei TLR models, and have spent a little time looking at them on ebay, you will likely find it rather confusing. I know that when I first started looking at Rolleiflex, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Why was one camera selling for $300, and

Source: Rolleiflex Buying Guide | Colton Allen | Film Shooters Collective

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